So you've decided you'd like to book me as your authorised civil marriage celebrant and the DJ & MC for your wedding reception.

Once you get in touch with me via the bookings page, I'll be in touch via email with a quote. You should be able to figure out what the price will be using the prices over at the packages page, but the total cost may vary depending on the location of the ceremony and reception. If you're happy with the quote, we'll schedule a time to meet up and discuss your ceremony and reception.


Along with the initial quote, I'll send through what's known as the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form. A copy of this form is also available here. We can fill it out together during our first meeting, but to save time it's best if you both fill it together and print out beforehand. You should be able to fill it out in Adobe Reader then print, or you can just print out the blank form and fill in by hand.


You will need two of the three following forms of ID:

  • Current Driver's License
  • Current Passport
  • Birth Certificate

Please bring these along to our initial meeting. If either of you have been previously married, you will also need to supply evidence of divorce, or the death of your previous partner.


Along with your initial quote and blank NOIM form, I'll send through my "welcome pack". This contains much of the information on this page, along with some questions and considerations regarding your ceremony and reception. At our initial meeting, we'll go through the items covered in the welcome pack, and I'll ask you a series of questions about your relationship - these questions are listed in the welcome pack so you'll have time to think about them beforehand. If you're just booking me as your celebrant, we'll discuss your music preferences for your ceremony - what will be played as people arrive, when you walk down the aisle and afterwards. If you're also booking me as your DJ, we'll also discuss your music preferences for the reception - your requests can be as broad or specific as you like! This meeting will be recorded and I'll use it to write the initial draft of your ceremony script.


Once you've paid the initial deposit (50% of my total fees), I'll have the initial draft of your script to you in 3 weeks. My ceremonies are all about using reflections and humour to highlight what makes your relationship special without being corny or resorting to cliches - whilst still treating your moment of commitment with the respect and reverence it deserves. You'll read over this initial draft script together and give me your feedback - anything you want me to change, remove or make mention of.


Where the ceremony location is within reasonable driving distance of myself and both of you, it's prefereable to hold a rehearsal including all members of the bridal party. This helps to make everyone feel a little more familiar and comfortable with the setting, layout and running order of the ceremony. However, when the ceremony location is much further away, it's sufficient for the three of us to meet up again within a few weeks of the ceremony, re-familiarise, and discuss any last minute changes. I've done wedding ceremonies both with and without rehearsals, and they've all gone smoothly. At this stage, you'll both sign the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage form. This will be pre-filled and all you'll need to do is sign. I will also provide you with the forms and information necessary for changing your surname, should either party be opting for this.


Now we're getting to the fun part - I'll be there well before your guests start arriving and music will be playing once they do. I'll make sure all guests are in place (and their phones are on silent and out of their hands) for the arrival of the bride, and once she does, we'll proceed as per your script. Neither of you will have to memorise anything for the day, but it helps to be somewhat familiar with your script nonetheless. If you've both written personalised vows, you can bring these on paper and read from them. It's normal to be nervous, but I'll make sure it's still lots of fun from start to finish - it'll be over before you know it, so don't forget to enjoy it!

If you've booked me as the DJ & MC for your reception, I'll see you there! I'll have all audio and lighting equipment setup well before the ceremony so I'll head straight over to the reception after the ceremony to kick it off. Whatever music preferences we discussed will set the tone for your reception and I'll make sure it sounds just like you'd dreamed it would.


Absolutely! Nothing lets me know better what you and your people want to hear better than requests - the more, the merrier. Obviously, there may be one or two people at the reception with requests that aren't going to make the dancefloor pop, but don't worry - it's my job to recognise these and handle them with polite professionalism whilst making sure what I play is what your guests want to hear. I'm connected to the internet all night too, so in the event someone requests something I don't have, I can download it on the fly and make sure it gets played.


I'll lodge all your paperwork with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages and once they've received that you'll be registered. At this point, you'll be able to use the forms I've given you apply for a copy of your Marriage Certificate, which you'll need should you be changing your surname. Any feedback from you will be greatly appreciated, and I'll let you know how you can leave me recommendations on Google and Facebook.


And that's it! I make the process as fun, straightforward and hassle-free as possible from start to finish. Sound good? Drop me a line over at the bookings page, and check out my prices over at the packages page.